TEAM: Subaru Motorsports 
DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 1991
HOMETOWN: Bergen, Norway

The so-called “People’s Champion”, Andreas Bakkerud is an exceptionally talented rallycross driver who has fought for his place on the grid from the very beginning, raising his budget from multiple small sponsors in his hometown. He’s driven for many of the world’s best Rallycross teams but has suffered from them withdrawing from the sport just as he becomes comfortable, putting him on the back foot. He came within one point of winning the World Rallycross Championship in 2019, losing out to Timmy Hansen. Bakkerud is extremely motivated to win both races and a major series, and his rivalry with Hansen continues to be very fierce. Expect fireworks whenever they share a track! Bakkerud was quick but a little unlucky on his two outings for Subaru in 2021, though was undoubtedly under the pressure of ‘be fast but don’t crash’ when trying to impress a new team.

Andreas has three top-three finishes in the World Rallycross Championship (2nd place in 2019, 3rd place in 2016, 2018), 7 World Rallycross Championship wins, two-time Super 1600 Rallycross champion (2011, 2012) and Norway’s 2010 Young Driver of the Year.

TEAM BIO: Subaru Motorsports is the U.S. competition arm of Subaru, with the mission of testing and proving the capabilities of Subaru vehicles in stage rally, rallycross, record attempts, desert racing, and more. Since its inception in 2001 as Subaru Rally Team USA, the team has won more than 100 rally and rallycross events. In addition to a dominant North American rally history, Subaru Rally Team USA has also wrung in 10 X Games Rally medals and re- secured the coveted record at the Mt. Washington Hillclimb in 2017. Vermont SportsCar manages the team.